Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mo Normality

In spite its title "Mo Normality", there is nothing normal about this single release. It is a slow and soulful song written, composed and produced by Aldeoni. It is Alternative Music on the genre of world Soul sung and played by Aldeoni with soft nylon strings guitar melody and haunting flamenco backing vocals. View Video

Monday, June 9, 2014

Menina - Groove n' Bossa

World Cup 2014 in Brazil and bla bla bla... Groove n' Bossa is a band that has been keeping a constant stream of awesome Brazilian grooves since 2010. Now that the world is tunning in and tropical Latin sounds are filling the airwaves and dance floors, Groove n' Bossa are releasing a track entitled Menina, a vibrant Brazilian Bossa Samba produced and released by Groove n' Bossa and Quantitum Records. The track composed by Aldeoni, Carlos Coppos and Marcos Vianna features vocals by Aline Stoffel and sax solo played by Beto Saroldi. This is not just another good tune, it is an anthem to good times in Brazil, and players and non players, football lovers or not, everybody is a winner.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sky Brothers

I have known the bass player, Jorge Varella, since the days he used to play with Flavio Espirito Santo. For the past couple of years he teamed up with Macgregor, a singer, composer and lead guitar player extraordinaire. They locked themselves in a tropical studio ignoring the bright day light and the noise forest around them. The brothers wrote tunes, knocked a few tracks down and a several months later “Sky Brothers”, the band, was born. Their sound is a mix of Celtic Rock and contemporary Heavy Metal.  Macgregor’s voice is powerful and guttural, Varella’s bass is solid and fluid and there is more, Kote on guitar and Iure Sant'anna on drums…yeah, great sounds for you to listen to.

Now year 2014, Sky Brothers continue their cosmic trip into a well-crafted album, discussing life on earth and beyond.  The screaming guitar riffs and sizzling heavy drums are the signature of a band that refuses to conform or fall into normality. The brothers have lifted off, inviting you to get on board and check them out

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sexy You featuring Ester Azeredo

There is a track out called Sexy You. It is another release from Groove n’ Bossa, their  first 2014 release featuring a chanteuse called Ester Azeredo.  It is a smooth easy listening  track delivering  nice lyrics and bluesy guitar solo played by Marcos Vianna. The final track production, mix and video was left to Aldeoni and he’s done a decent job too. If you haven’t yet heard other Groove n’ Bossa releases, you should check them out immediately. Quantitum Records is releasing the Sexy You single, it will be available to the public  at the end of January and the video is online already

Brazilian Football

Quantitum Records is releasing a compilation of a few great Brazilian tunes to celebrate the 2014 world cup.  This Brazilian Football World Cup 2014 compilation has songs played and composed by some of the best contemporary Brazilian artists that are making their names respected beyond Brazilian frontiers. If you haven’t yet heard of Funk n’ Lata, Fabio Fonseca, Max de Castro or Ivo Meirelles, you are missing a great deal of the hottest and most inspiring works that Brazil has to offer to the international music  scene. The album is now out and you can listen and buy it from

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Short Step

Afro Brazilian musical culture, as most of us know around the world, is represented by samba and other stylized forms like bossa-nova. Contrary to the USA's African American culture, the Afro Brazilian culture has suffered a great deal with third world economical resources and the poor geo-political environment. Afro Brazilian youth has an amazing uphill struggle to develop their music under a climate of extreme violence with a lack of musical instruments, studio resources and musical education. Rio Funk or Funk Carioca is the greatest expression of this reality, loved by many and hated by equal amounts, it is something that divides the nation and brings together several different social classes, doing their erotic dances, singing gang war chants and many pornographic lyrics. Short Step is an experiment into this musical style produced by Nanogiants and released by Quantitum Records. Find out more on and see their video on youtube

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Long Way To The Top

Day 3, Friday 3pm and I arrived in Itaipava, a mountain city one hour away from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I'm here to meet one of the 100 greatest guitarists in the world...but it's a long way to the top in the rock and roll song book of fame. Itaipava is like a subtropical Swiss Alps, it is high, green, green and green. I leave the bus and meet Coppos the bass player and Vianna the lead guitarist at the city station. They are dressed in their informal rock and roll song book look, but tropical style, the kind of gear needed to brave the summer at 41C outdoor. Even in the mountains aircon is required, especially for those arriving from much cooler climates like the Northern European winter I just left behind. We are driving to Vianna's studio - by the way Vianna is among the 100 greatest guitarists in the world or perhaps even the 50 greatest, or even higher. We are going to meet Leila Maria to record her vocals on a new rock and roll song, Rio style. We cross the check point at the gated community and start climbing the condominium's pretty, well paved road with polished rocks and nice looking coarse tropical grass. We pass this big house, then that even bigger house, climbing higher and higher and a question springs to mind - are we there yet? No, I don't care how long it takes. The view is stunning; the conversation is nice and animated while Vianna steers his muddy green VW up the hill. After another tree and another house, we arrive; here we are at the very top of this luxurious condominium surrounded by bountiful, lush green. Rocky and Bucylady come to greet us barking and wagging their tales, two very welcoming hosts. The happy mongrels follow us all the way to the studio, a little yellow bungalow beside a huge rock surrounded by high, fruit filled trees. As soon as I enter the studio I see Leila and her smile for the very first time. A tall and elegant person, what a reception, great fraternal vibes and there and then I know I am among talented people, not only with one of the 100 greatest guitarists in the world, but vocal talent and creative talent. I have no doubt. We spent a couple of hours, tweaking, listening, commenting and recording Leila's vocal on our rock and roll song. Actually is is not a rock and roll song and it is not a bossa nova song. The song requires a certain unusual mood and we have to create that from scratch. Vianna, in his 100 greatest guitarists' style, records a new guitar solo, Coppos records a new bass line and we were all very satisfied with the final result. A new not quite rock and roll song is born, it is digital bossa, bossa blues, blues bossa and it's Groove n' Bossa at its best. The band is faithful to its Brazilian rock and roll song and blues-rock early origins and Rio's bossa roots, they try to make sure it's all there. I help to produce it and today a new single is born. Now I have the tune on my Android phone, that is fun to have one of the 100 greatest guitarists on my phone and knowing that soon it will go out as an itunes download. We also shoot a video to register the encounter and just days later it will be on Youtube to delight viewers. The not quite rock and roll song is called "Sexy" the same title as Groove n Bossa's new album. We made 3 versions available for download; Portuguese, English and instrumental. The name says it all, it is called sexy because Itaipava is sexy, Rio is sexy, our not quite rock and roll song is sexy, airplanes are sexy, champagne is sexy, sexy design, sexy feelings and Marco Vianna's 100 greatest guitarists' sexy solo style is sexy.